Opal Ball Micro Labret

£ 11.34 incl. VAT

Our Labret x Opal collection is made from high quality Titanium, a material known for its durability and tolerance. It ensures that your piercing not only looks great, but also feels incredibly comfortable. With us, your comfort and well-being come first – without compromise! Opal means “stone of changing color” and that’s exactly what awaits you with this beautiful piece of jewellery. These gemstones not only strengthen the sensations and give inspiration, they also provide more joy, harmony and balance.

Whether you’re already a piercing enthusiast or just starting out in the exciting world of body art, our opal ball labret is the perfect choice for you. It is available in different sizes and colors so that you can express your individual style.

The thickness of the labret is 1.2 mm, the ball size is 3.0 mm.

Length: 5,0 mm, 6,0 mm, 7,0 mm, 8,0 mm, 9,0 mm, 10,0 mm

Thickness: 1,2 mm

Plattengröße: 3,5 mm

Ball Size: 3,0 mm