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“Black Lenny” Black Edition

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Show who you are! Be confident! Say what you think! Do what you want! Fuck whatever happens, don’t give a shit what people say. SO WHAT! BE KINKY! The brand Kinky Rocker draws a lot of inspiration from the capital Berlin and the fucked-up lifestyle of the rock stars. The city is full of creativity, imagination, fashion, media and above all: music. There is a wonderful mix of different cultures and individuals. It’s all coming together. The exciting life, style and attitude of the rock stars inspires Kinky Rockers enormously. They are what we are. . . ! 100% KINKY

The necklace is made of dark elm wood beads, combined with beads made of surgical steel and a rock crystal.

Dimensions: chain length: 70.0 cm, ball size wood: 10.0 mm, ball size rock crystal: 20.0 mm


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