Sphynx Ear Weights

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The sphynx is a mythical creature and is considered as a symbol of eternity, immortality and the mysterious. In Greek mythology as well as in ancient Egyptian culture, it had a high status. She is embodied by the head of a human, the body of a lion and the wings of a falcon. 

Are you just as mystical as the impressive Sphynx? Then the Sphynx Ear Weights are just the thing for you!

They are perfect to wear with or without your tunnels in the stretched lobe! Unlike our tunnels, you get these chic hangers in pairs.

The hooks are made of high quality 316L surgical steel, the pendant is made of alloy. To keep your ear weights as eye-catching as they are, you should remove them before swimming or showering.

Weight: 19.3 grams per ear weight

Weight: -

Size: 8,0 mm

Dimensions: N/A

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