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You constantly lose the closure plug-in of your segment ring and you are sometimes on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Then our cool Hinged Segment Ring made of silver-coloured titanium is exactly the right thing for you! With this innovative click mechanism an easy handling is offered to you and you do not need to spent hours on trying to insert your segment ring or on searching the closure plug-in anymore – in case it fell out of your hands. Due to the integrated hinge you can easily push the closure of the ring to the side, insert the piercing without difficulty, push back the closure and the piercing will sit tightly in place – all without the help of a forceps.

The hinged segment ring can optionally be used for different piercing areas such as for your tragus, helix, septum, your lips or ears and so on. You have the free choice! Our hinged segment ring is an excellent alternative to normal segment rings and moreover, offers a super wearing comfort. Innovative and cool! Make your life simply simple!

Due to the good quality, this article is also recommendable for allergy sufferers.

22 reviews for Hinged

  1. Suzanne Barton (verified owner)

    What I love most is how versatile these rings are, and the range of sizes, my nose piercing is 7mm, so they fit snuggly, which is the fit I like, have purchased several of these in different sizes and gauges. Very happy to have found good quality jewellery with a good range of sizes.

  2. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    As ever these products are the best I’ve seen and this place makes fine rings

  3. Tota Volpe-Landi (verified owner)

    these perfectly hinged rings are amazing.
    easy to use, and easy to put in.
    compared to segment rings (a bit of a nightmare to put in if you have slightly longer nails and little patience!!) they are a joy to use.
    customers loved them too, easier for them to change them..
    truly great rings!!

  4. Boo Povey (verified owner)

    Probably one of the highest selling items in my studio! Great for healed nostril piercings (even more so now the 0.8mm) Ears and even nipples!
    A staple in my studio now!

  5. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Really good for Initial piercings

  6. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These are very strong and can be autoclaved

  7. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Very safe to go in the autoclave too

  8. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These look great in helix piercings and septum’s

  9. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These look so good with multiple rose gold rings

  10. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Just ordered more of this and I’m trying the 12mm for the conch

  11. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    This size 6mm is good for a snug nose piercing

  12. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These are so popular and are so delicately made but a sturdy hinge that wont open easy

  13. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Amazing very thin and great design will re buy and the buy

  14. Twisted Monkey (verified owner)

    perfect simple design for easy use with no fiddling about

  15. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Very impressed

  16. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Great pieces from wild cat

  17. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    The hinges are so smooth and easy to click in place

  18. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  19. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    titanium rings

  20. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These sell like hot cakes and quality is amazing, order lots

  21. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These are amazing will order more

  22. Laurie Donald (verified owner)

    These are amazing and hinged are great, very popular and good quality.

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