Steel Blackline
Circular Barbells

Basic Circular Barbell

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The high quality circular barbells of the Steel Blackline® have the shape of a horseshoe. All threads in our jewellery collections are standardised so that you can combine the rings, balls, bars and attachments with each other!

The Circular Barbells are externally threaded, so the balls are screwed onto the external thread of the barbell. 

The ball sizes depend on the thickness and inner diameter of the ring and are supplied in the following sizes:

Ball sizes: 

Thickness 1.2 mm: 

Diameter 6.0 -10.0 mm = 3.0 mm balls 

Thickness 1.6 mm:

Diameter 7.0 -10.0 mm = 4.0 mm balls 

Diameter 12.0 &14.0 mm = 5.0 mm balls

Note: The balls are included in the delivery. If you need a spare ball, you can order it under the article code “MTH”. 

All Steel Blackline® basics can be sterilised in an autoclave and are absolutely safe for allergy sufferers due to the skin-friendly nature of the material.

This article is also available in the Titan Highline® (XCB), Titan Blackline® (KCB), Titan Zirconline® (GCR), in the Steel Highline® (CCB) and in the Steel Basicline® (ZCB). The availability of the individual sizes may vary here!


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1,2 mm, 1,6 mm


Metal Colour

Ball Size

3,0 mm, 4,0 mm, 5,0 mm

Inner Diameter

6,0 mm, 7,0 mm, 8,0 mm, 9,0 mm, 10,0 mm, 12,0 mm, 14,0 mm