Disc for Triple Piercing Pushfit Labret

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When perfection meets expertise, we talk about BYCG – the best you can get. The exclusive jewellery reflects the significance of the interplay of material, workmanship and design and embodies our claim to quality in its entirety. The finest high-quality crystals meet highly specialised manufacturing processes. The exclusive Made-in-Germany jewellery is perfectly suited for the first use on the client and convinces with flawless beauty and unrivalled brilliance.

The BYCG attachment fits perfectly on a Triple Piercing Hollow Labret with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Together, this duo is suitable for closely spaced piercings! The simple exchange process allows a variety of different jewellery variations to be worn. The perfect length of the attachments ensures a secure hold despite this. 

The attachments are available in sizes 2.4 and 3.2 mm.

Crystal colour: White

Piercing Type: ,



Metal Colour:

Bodypart: , ,

Weight: -

Threading: 0,8 mm

Attachment size: 2.4 mm, 3,2 mm

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