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“Black Mick” Silver Edition

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Show who you are! Be confident! Say what you think! Do your worst! Shit no matter what happens, shit no matter what people say. SO WHAT! BE KINKY! The Kinky Rocker brand draws a lot of inspiration from the capital of Germany Berlin and the fucked-up lifestyle of rock stars. The city is full of creativity, imagination, fashion, media and above all: music. There is a wonderful mix of different cultures and individuals. Everything comes together. The exciting life, style and attitude of rock stars inspires Kinky Rocker enormously. They are what we are. . . 100% KINKY

The necklace is made of dark elm wood beads combined with surgicalsteel beads and a rock crystal.


Chain length: 73.0 cm

Bead size wood: 16.0 mm

Bead size rock crystal: 20.0 mm


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