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Camouflage Ring

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Become a trendsetter with our chic Camouflage Ring which is part of our Wildcat collection. Originally, the camouflage pattern has been created for soldiers after the first World War. It creates an optical illusion and therefore, enables soldiers to hide from enemies. However, nowadays the camouflage muster is often used for the exact opposite. Interestingly, the camouflage pattern has become more or less accidently a fashion trend. In the 1970s, hippies were wearing clothes with the pattern while demonstrating on the streets against the Vietnam War. Through time, the so-called camo-look has become more and more a fashion trend and represents up until today a deeply-rooted design pattern in the fashion world. Our Camouflage ring is made of high-quality black steel and possesses a beautiful print inlay in camouflage, which surrounds the entire fingering. The ring breadth is 6 mm.


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