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Black Bat Hoops

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The bat is an animal of reincarnation and rising. Silently is the bat fluttering through the night with an excellent sense of orientation which leads the bat to entirely trust in its interior. As a dream symbol, the bat wants to call your attention to your inner voice and admonishes you to listen to it. Listen truly to your voice inside and try to realize where you let yourself be blinded or trapped or more specifically, where you are not loyal and true to yourself. Do not oversee the signals! Dare the leap in the dark/ non-audible – The necessary light for that can be found in ourselves. Let go and rely upon the birth of a new period of life. The thickness of the pin is 1.0 mm, and therefore, fits optimally in your lobe. Moreover, the hoops can also be worn with your tunnels. The hoops have a height of 66.0 mm and a width of 52.0 mm. So, if you are also a worshiper of the night, then these hoops are the perfect thing for you!


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