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The CE medical product for optimal wound care in Care Days 1-2.

Modern wound healing has developed considerably in recent years and now offers new possibilities for optimal wound care in the first days. In this phase of wound healing, it is important to bring your skin back to an externally undamaged state as quickly as possible and to soothe it to give it the opportunity to heal itself and renew its cells.

The Pro Series products TattooMed After Tattoo Pro offers the optimal function to support the skin during this stressful and risky time for it. Its invisible protective film reduces the risk of foreign bodies and bacteria entering the skin. In addition, the optimal, moist wound climate creates an environment conducive to regeneration, which gives the wound healing the best possible opportunities. This gives you a safe feeling even if you have a plaster allergy or very sensitive skin and cannot use a Protection Film or Protection Patch in the first few days.

Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know:

  • CE medical device
  • For sensitive and very sensitive skin
  • Helps the skin in problematic wound conditions
  • Protects against inflammation
  • Protects against textile friction
  • Flexible adaptation to all body parts
  • Waterproof (showers possible)
  • Lasts several days
  • Transparent and almost invisible
  • Reduces scarring
  • No drying out (moist wound climate)

Recommendation for use:

The After Tattoo Pro is applied to the cleansed skin by your tattoo artist directly after stitching and forms a thick protective film on the skin. You can then apply a thin layer of cream at home several times a day during the Care Days 1-2.  

Tip: It can also be used on sensitive skin over several days, as an alternative to TattooMed After Tattoo in Care Days 3-21.

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