The Signature
Tattoo Needles

Magnum Curved Cartridges

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The Signature®

A tattoo is the signature of the artist. This is the motivation and the name for the productportfolio of “The Signature®”. After all it is more than just a picture, that somebody puts on a piece of paper. The artists work with a lot of calm and creativity on a living work of art. The tool that brings this eternal work under the skin should therefore only be the best to achieve perfect results.

The Signature® Tattoo Needles: The needles are made of tempered 316L steel, controlled by a laser-optical system, colour coded and sterile packed to ensure the highest quality standards.
The Signature® Cartridge Needles are unique by their quality, the colour coding and multiple needle configurations usage, which facilitate the work of the artist in many ways.
This new grip makes it even more easy and more comfortable to work long hours with the right grip.
Facts: The molded blister with integrated tray allows you to easily lay down the cartridge on the packaging.

Package content: 20 pieces


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