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Jizznit Stencil Fluid

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The stencil is the foundation of every good tattoo. Stencils that disappear during your tattoo session are just outright nerve-racking. For a rock solid stencil we suggest THE JIZZnIT vegan stencil fluid with *CuM-Formula.

It reliably pulls the stencils onto the skin and and waterproofs the stenciled layer. Liquids drip right off the stencil without ruining it. A wax-like microlayer protects your stencil from any friction emerging during the cleaning procedure. We also reccomend working from the bottom up. This will ensure that your stencil and your nerves will stayintact.

How to use:

Clean and shave the skin thoroughly. Shake well and apply a pea size drop of THE JIZZnIT and rub it on the skin evenly until a moist and sticky layer forms.

For ideal results, use in combination with The Spartan Tattoo Cleanser( IAMS001 – IAMS003)

*CuM: celestial unleashed menjuices. Shake with passion.

Product details:

  • available in 50ml and 100ml
  • vegan
  • very economical
  • Stable, long lasting stamp


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50 ml, 100 ml