Rover R-1 Battery Pack for Cheyenne Machines

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Musotoku’s Rover R-1 is the brand’s first cordless power pack: a lightweight addition to your tattoo machine with the same features that have made previous Musotoku power packs so popular.

The Rover R-1 features consistent power regardless of battery level, as well as a durable 3.5mm connector housed in a compact aerospace-grade aluminium case.

This compact battery pack for tattoo machines with 3.5 mm connector is powered by easily replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and features a USB-compatible charging station.

The battery delivers a voltage of 5-12 V, adjustable in steps of 0.1 V, and with Musotoku’s NITRO start assist function, even machines with brushless motors start without delay. The Rover R-1 keeps the energy level constant and automatically switches off when the battery is empty – and with more than 1,000 health checks per second, your machine is well protected.

The 1.25 cm OLED display provides important information, including the current voltage, and a machine power sensor that shows your current battery requirement. The higher the value displayed, the faster the battery is discharging, so you can clearly see how your working style is affecting power consumption. Musotoku estimates that the batteries last from 2 to 7 hours when fully charged.

Musotoku has designed this battery to be travel-friendly. The replaceable batteries make it suitable for air travel. At the end of the Li-ion battery’s life, you can simply replace it with new 18350 batteries to continue using your Rover R-1 indefinitely.

This version of the Musotoku Rover R-1 has a 3.5mm Cheyenne connector specifically designed for use with Cheyenne machines. It fits perfectly into the HAWK Pen Unio and HAWK Thunder tattoo machines, and the additional O-rings ensure that it will fit on machines with larger bushings, such as SOL Nova and HAWK Pen machines.

Main features:

  • Colour: Black/Orange
  • 3.5 mm (Cheyenne) connection
  • Voltage: 5-12 V, adjustable in 0.1 steps
  • Consistent power regardless of battery percentage
  • Runs on replaceable Li-Ion 18350 flat-top batteries
  • Battery life: 2-7 hours
  • USB-compatible charging station included
  • 1.25 cm OLED digital screen
  • Menu options: Main power indicator, battery life and machine power sensor
  • NITRO start-up aid function
  • Weight (with battery): 72 g
  • Dimensions (W x L): 30 x 69 mm
  • Material: Aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Developed and manufactured in Spain

Farbe: Green


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