Inkjecta – Flite X1 Stealth

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A New Movement. A New Power.

The Inkjecta Flite X1 is a cordless, battery-powered tattoo machine with an operating time of more than 8 hours (per charge cycle). Since Inkjecta includes a second battery and a charger with two ports, the Flite X1 can theoretically be used continuously.

Intuitive control with just one button

The super-light machine can be controlled with a single button. Thanks to the Flite X1’s intuitive and ergonomic onboard controls, simply tilt the machine to the right for a faster frequency and to the left for a slower frequency while holding down the button.

Digitally adjustable needle depth

No more need for flex grips. With the Flite X1 you can change the needle depth at the touch of a button, easily and without fiddling with the packaged grip during your tattoo session.

Pure DC Power

The voltage can be adjusted from 4.5 to 16.5 volts and is indicated by a circular LED ring on either side. Power is supplied by low-cost, manufacturer-neutral rechargeable batteries. This freedom is unsurpassed in the world of wireless tattooing.

Wireless freedom in every respect

With the Inkjecta Flite X1, all the settings you’ve ever dreamed of are possible. You can choose between different stroke lengths, give settings, batteries as well as several grips, and thus adapt your machine perfectly to you. No charging cable is needed to operate the machine.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.


– Battery powered with up to 8+ hours per charge cycle (depending on machine parameters).

– Power range from 4.5 – 16.5 volts

– 144 grams with large battery

– 139 grams with small battery

– Intuitive, ergonomic and intelligent on-board controls

– Digital adjustment of needle depth via the machine

– Intuitive tension control with only one button

– Multiple stroke lengths, give settings, batteries and grips selectable

– Powered by manufacturer-neutral, low-cost batteries

– Dual nanotechnology motors

– Military-grade PCB technology

Included in delivery:

– 3.25 mm stroke disc (2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 available)

– Carbon Rigid Bar – rigid needle bar (mounted)

– Medium torsion needle bar

– Hard torsion needle bar

– 2040mAH 18500 Li-Ion battery pack

– 900mAH 18350 Li-Ion Battery & Spacer

– Charger with two connectors

– Inox MX5 Lubricant

– SuperLube

– Magnetic wrench tools

– Hard protective cover

– Hardcover Release Edition X1 Feature Book & Manual

Farbe: Black



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