Vitrinen-Würfel mit LED-Streifenbeleuchtung

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The display case cube has a surrounding profile frame with square profiles and plastic corner joints. The profile cross-section is 19.0 x 19.0 mm. All six panes of the cube are made of toughened safety glass with a material thickness of 4.0 mm. The side glasses as well as the bottom and top panels are integrated into the profile system with internal seals. The revolving/swivelling door is lockable.

The LED strip lighting is glued into the top section all around and shines into the cube at a 45° angle. This provides optimum and virtually shadow-free illumination of your objects. The LED strip is equipped with 120 SMD LEDs per metre. This cube contains approx. 190 LEDs with 0.08 W each. The light colour is neutral white with 4000-4500 K. 

The magnetic system allows up to 3 cubes to be conveniently stacked on top of each other. The LED power supply included is sufficient for a maximum of 3 stacked cubes. If more than 3 cubes are stacked on top of each other, a stronger LED power supply is required. 

The lowest cube should be equipped with feet so that the LED power supply can fit comfortably under the cube. Each additional cube is attached to the lower cube with four magnetic contacts. The holding magnets are also the current conductors to the other cubes. No cables are necessary.

Size: 42.8 x 42.8 x 42.8 cm

Farbe: White

Brand: Wildcat


Weight: 154 g

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