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Medical Piercing Needle

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The best body piercing system worldwide! The hollow needles are produced by Braun Medical, the most famous manufacturer of surgical supplies.Introcan needles are delivered without fixing wings. Three times bevelled and provided with a super dignified, conical catheter head, it pierces the skin fast and painless, without traumatic side effects.The hollow needle is made of thin walled FEP-material and has a slick surface with four integrated contrast lines, which help to guide the piece of jewellery you want to insert, exactly.The razor sharp needles (only for one time use) are plunged in a nonpyrogenic small plastic pipe.The needles are available in different sizes. Green (18G): 1,3mm (for 1 – 1,2 mm-jewelry)Blue (16G): 1,8mm (for 1,2 – 1,6 mm-jewelry)Orange (14G): 2,2mm (for 1,6 mm-jewelry)
Content: 50 needles


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Needle Size

14G 2.1mm, 16G 1.7mm, 18G 1.3mm, 20g11mm