Synergy Ebony & Blood Wood

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Organic Synergy Ebony & Bloodwood Tunnel
The Organic Synergy Ebony & Blodwood Tunnel is made of premium processed wood material, it has got a rim which gently complies around your earlobe and therefore provides a perfect hold. The outer ring consists of ebony wood and encloses the bloodwood..
The used wood material meet the Wildcat quality demands for materials for premium processed piercing jewellery. The material is capable to meet our dermatological and environmental demands perfectly. The premium processed materials are skin-friendly and therefore they reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to a minimum. The structure of the materials provides an actual reduction of smell generation at the stretched lobe, as they absorbe the lipids of the skin. This is one of the reasons why natural materials can change their look, as not only normal environmental influences, like water and light react on them. Differences in colour and texture of our products are not avoidable and make every piece of jewellery unique. Wildcat thinks of the environment, too! During the production of our articles, we pay close attention on humans and nature. All conventions to protect natural resources are met by Wildcat. The Tunnel is available in sizes from 8.0 – 20.0 mm (in steps of 2). The tunnels of the Wildcat Wood Line are not sterilisable in the autoclave. And like other natural materials it should be handled gently. We grant a 24 month guarantee after receipt of the article, but we are not able to grant a guarantee if you overstress the article.


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