Titan Highline

Internally Threaded Thin Edge

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Titan Highline® Thin Edge Internally Threaded Flesh Tunnel

The Thin-Edge Flesh Tunnel from the Titan Highline® is 8 mm deep and has an extra thin edge. It is internally threaded, the ring is screwed on to the inside thread of the tunnel and ensures a perfect hold.
All tunnels of the Titan Highline® are sterilisable and due to their skin friendly material harmless to allergic persons. As a beginner or an experienced person in the matter of soft stretching, this tunnel is absolutely the right choice. Due to the lightweight material and its availability up to 30.0 mm it is especially suitable for very big lobes. The tunnels are available in 2.0 to 22.0 mm (in steps of 1) and 24.0 – 30.mm (in steps of 2).


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