Sterilized Jewelled Dermal Anchor

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Our sterile piercing jewellery is a must for every first use after piercing to avoid infections and to meet the highest quality standards. Ensure your customers the highest level of safety and make it easy for yourself, because you don’t need an autoclave, nor do you have to sacrifice your valuable time for sterilisation. 

Just buy our ready-to-use sterilised piercing jewellery!

  • HIGHEST QUALITY – skin-friendly titanium from medical technology – Ti6AL 4V Eli grade 23 – ASTM (F-136)Ti-Glo® with rounded threads 
  • HIGH QUALITY FINISHING – with our PVD coating your piercings get an ultra smooth surface and remain absolutely colourfast
  • MADE IN GERMANY – the jewellery is not only assembled in Germany but 100% produced and sterilised in Germany 
  • WORLDWIDE UNIQUE SURFACE FINISHING – guaranteed scratch-resistant and highly polished 
  • HIGHEST SAFETY, SHORTEST HEALING PHASES due to our rounded threads 
  • Manufactured, packaged and sterilised by DIN ISO 13485 CERTIFIED COMPANIES in Germany. 
  • 10 Pcs per package

Click here to download our titanium certificate

This sterilized dermal anchor has a total height of 2.1 mm, a bar height of 1.6 mm, bar thickness of 1.6 mm with 1.2 mm internal thread. The anchor plate has a thickness of 0.5 mm.

All standard Wildcat attachments with a thread thickness of 1.2 mm for a bar thickness of 1.6 mm can be screwed on as an alternative.

Crystal colour: White



Metal Colour:

Height: 2,1 mm

Attachment size: 5,0 mm

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