Sealed Multi Jewelled Clip in Ring

£ 12.18 incl. VAT

The sealed multi jewelled clip in ring from Titan Zirconline® is available in ring thicknesses of 1.2 and 1.6 mm. Its balls are set with precious crystals and sealed.

In the 6.0 mm ring diameter it comes with a 3.0 mm ball.

With 8.0 mm inner diameter it comes with a 4.0 mm ball.

With the inner diameter 10.0 mm, the ball measures 5.0 mm.

The Clip-In balls are available in the colours clear (CC), champagne (CH), apricot (LP) and aurora boreale (AB).

By the way, all Clip-In balls in our jewellery collections are standardised. You can also find replacement balls matching the Ball Closure Ring in other colours and shapes – the sealed balls, for example, under the article name CMJ!

The rings are very light, suitable for first use and, like all Basics, sterilisable. The high-quality processed material is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers due to its skin compatibility!

Crystal colour: Aurora Boreale, Champagne, Light Peach, White



Thickness: 1,6 mm

Inner Diameter: 8,0 mm, 10,0 mm

Ball Size: 4,0 mm, 5,0 mm

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