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Titan Zirconline® Body Spiral

The Titan Zirconline® Body Spiral winds to the side. An eye-catcher for lip, ear or eyebrow! The balls are screwed onto an external thread. The balls not only provide a strong hold, but also give a special look! By the way, all of our threads are standardised, so that you are able to combine rings, balls, studs and attachments! The replacement balls suitable for the spiral can be found in the Titan Highline®, they are called GTB, replacement spirals can be found among GTL.

The spiral is available in 1.6 mm strength with an inside diameter of 10.0 or 12.0 mm and two 5.0 mm Balls.

All basics of The Titan Zirconline® are sterilisable in an autoclave and due to their skin friendliness harmless to allergic persons.

This article is also available in the Titan Blackline®(KBS), the Titan Highline® (XTS) or the Steel Blackline® (KXS). Furthermore there are more different spirals available in the Steel Basicline®. The availability may vary!

If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to contact us, as the employees of the Wildcat corporation can help you.


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Metal Colour



1,2 mm, 1,6 mm

Inner Diameter

8,0 mm, 10,0 mm, 12,0 mm


Ball Size

4,0 mm, 5,0 mm