Maori Hoops

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You are fascinated by the history and culture of the Maori folk? Then our Maori hoops should also have drawn your attention! The Maori people are the aborigines of New Zealand and still live there today. The word Maori means in many myths and legends “mortal humans”. Nowadays it means more “native”, “indigenous”. The Maori often call themselves also “tangata whenua”, which means “humans of the land”, which should depict their strong connection to their own land. The art of the maori was lived out in poetry and singing, music and dance, wood carving and weaving, as well as painting. Moreover, they love to tattoo their body, especially their face. Their tattooes are often associated with social rank, personality, marriage and much more. The chiefs of the Maori often wore glorious robes with feather decoration and bird fur. Later, they start wearing normal suits, hats and boots to look more European. Our pretty hoops possess a beautiful, detailed design which resembles the art of the Maori. The hoops are very posh and are perfect for every day. They are made of real silver and are part of our Mysterium collection. You can wear the earrings also with your tunnels.


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