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The barbell is one of the most used piercings and consists of a threaded bar (or piercing stem) ending with two balls or terminals. The length of the bar and the size of the terminals must be chosen carefully for a better aesthetic result and to prevent problems with the healing of the hole.

Used mainly for:

  • Tongue piercing
  • Facial Piercings
  • Nipple Piercing and Intimate Piercing

This product is made of PTFE, a plastic material smooth to the touch, used by Wildcat for the realization of piercings because of its most incredible peculiarity: PTFE is in fact the material with the lowest known friction coefficient. The piercing then comes into contact with skin and holes, making the lowest friction possible. Furthermore, PTFE is a material resistant to higher temperatures and changes in temperature.



Weight: -

Length: 12,0 mm, 14,0 mm, 16,0 mm, 18,0 mm, 20,0 mm, 22,0 mm

Threading: 1,6 mm

Ball Size: 5,0 mm


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