Internally Threaded Jewelled Srew On

£ 6.30 incl. VAT

This awesome X-Change attachment is part of our Titan Highline collection and is characterized by a natural titanium color with a line of crystal clear rhinestones.

This is a Titan Highline® Jewelled Internally Fleshtunnel Screw-on.

Use this jewel with crystals in combination with any other components of the X-Change line, to build your perfect tunnel. The combination system created by WIldcat allows you to build your ideal jewel and includes dozens of items to match with.
The base tunnel is available in the colors Silver, Black, Gold and Rose Gold. Unique and customizable, piercing presents infinite possibilities.

Crystal colour: White



Metal Colour:

Weight: 1 g

Size: 3,0 mm, 4,0 mm, 5,0 mm, 14,0 mm, 16,0 mm, 18,0 mm, 20,0 mm

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