Rose Hoops

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The rose is said to emblematise the unison of contradistinctions: The beauty of a rose’s tender petals and odour are said to be a symbol of vigour and lust for life, whereas a rose’s rapid withering and the spikes are associated with caducity, pain, harm and death. Not without reason does the rose play the main role in many love stories. The rose symbolizes both, the shady sides of love and life itself. Already back in antiquity the rose was known to stand for secrecy. Nowadays still many confessional boxes and courtrooms are bedecked with a rose motive to indicate the highest level of discretion and confidentiality. Nowadays, the rose is mainly a symbol for love, however, does love itself not also reflect all the properties the rose originally stands for?

These posh, rose gold-coloured hoops are made of high-quality stainless steel and are sold pairwise. They can be worn in your normal lobes as well as in your tunnels. The pin of the hoops is 1.0 mm thick and the hoops have a length of 85 mm and a width of 38 mm.



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