Tattoo and Piercing Care

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Prontolind Gel is a ready-to-use gel for antiseptic care and prevention of infection in piercings and tattoos.
The ingredients have been used successfully in clinical practice millions of times over, are safe for dermatological use. They do not inhibit granulation and epithelialisation, do not demonstrate any cytotoxic, inflammatory, irritating or sensitising properties and can be used safely over long periods of time. Thanks to the resulting protective film and the broad microbial spectrum, it prevents new infectious agents from implanting themselves. Dispersion of pathogenic, transient and resident bacteria in the piercing hole, around the jewellery and on the tattoo is thus prevented. In the case of flesh tunnels, Prontolind Gel prevents and reduces unpleasant odours to a minimum and can also be used as a lubricant gel for expansion (e.g. ear holes). Prontolind Gel is especially suitable for use with nasal and ear piercings, dermal anchors and microdermals. Prontolind Gel is compatible with all jewellery materials.


Weight: 215 g

Content: 10 ml

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