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RED OUT Bioactive Calming Foam

The bioactive lather from Aloe Tattoo consists of natural ingredients. It is free of PEG, sulfates and preservatives. The natural ingredients, tractive agents and bio-active ingredients from the chamomile give Red Out lather a remarkable, soothing and hygienic effect on the irritated skin. The chamomile flowers used for the vegan Red Out lather come from the organic harvest. Red Out can also be used ideally for perfect finishing of the tattoo before taking a photo.

What is ALOE Tattoo RED OUT Bioactive lather used for?

The bioactive lather, RED OUT by ALOE Tattoo, can be used during tattoo breaks and also after finish tattooing to relieve and soothe redness and irritated skin.

Furthermore, RED OUT lather can be used to refine the tattoo before taking a picture

Is ALOE Tattoos RED OUT lather vegan?

Yes, the bioactive lather is 100% VEGAN!

RED OUT consists exclusively of tractive agents of natural origin and bio-active ingredients from chamomile, which come from organic harvest.

ALOE Tattoos RED OUT is free from sulfates, PEG’s and preservatives.

How is RED OUT from ALOE Tattoo used?

During or after the session, simply apply 1 – 2 pumps to the skin and massage in gently. Leave on for at least two minutes.

Then wash with clear water the treated area to remove residues.


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