Piercing Care

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ProntoLind® Spray For Tattoo And Piercing After Care

Content: 75 ml

Attention: Please use it up within 12 weeks after the first opening

Characteristics of Prontolind®: Prontolind® products are free from alcohol and phenols, free of organic quicksilver compounds and PVP iodine, are toxicological harmless, and not only available in pharmacies and they support the healing of wounds.

Best dermatoligical compatibility: The ingredients of Prontolind® are not resorbed, not toxic for cells, not irritating, not sensitising. They do not cause allergic reactions, the use is free of pain and they are rated as dermatological harmless. The polyhexanid/betaine based wound cleansers are used with great success and without side effects through out Europe for 6 years.

Prontolind® provides a safe and easy usage, even for the customer at home and it is permanently quality-controlled by independent, certified laboratories and clinics.


Weight: 110 g

Content: 75 ml

3 reviews for Piercing Care

  1. G.T. • Professional customer verified owner

    Amazing, the best aftercare I’ve used on me and my clients

  2. G.T. • Professional customer verified owner

    Highly recommend, it’s doing amazing stuff for healing piercings and other problematic ones as well. I also use it on clients right after I’ve done the piercing as it helps it calm down and it gives it a cooling sensation:)

  3. L.D. • Professional customer verified owner

    Amazing stuff for healing piercings I highly recommend

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