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Cleany Skin Piercing 360 ° Spray Selective wetting

Cleansing spray for pierced skin.

CSP 360 ° with an optimized formulation of sterile saline solution in pharmaceutical quality and dexpanthenol does not require a long list of ingredients and no preservatives. It ensures the best possible combination of hygiene and tolerance when cleaning pierced skin thanks to an innovative dispenser system. This also allows for the first time a precise, dosed application from every angle!

All advantages of CSP 360 ° in detail:

CSP 360 ° is the first cleaning spray for pierced skin in an airtight container with dosing system. This prevents microbiological contamination and ensures the protection of the sterile contents. The product is mechanically shielded from air and bacteria. The usual chemical protective additive can therefore be omitted.

Without the addition of preservatives Maximum hygiene and tolerance – minimal ingredients


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50 ml