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Our quality

Stone Frame

Okay, so we got really close to it. Here you can see that our stone shines much more and that it sits in the setting in a completely different way. We want to prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your jewellery and want it to shine so beautifully for a long time. If, for example, water were to get behind the stone when showering, it would quickly become stained.


Here you can see the result of our patented polishing process. Titanium can have a really beautiful silvery appearance. Not only the appearance is important to us: the smoother the surface, the “happier” the piercing. During healing, nothing scratches or rubs and nasty little microbes have no place to hide.


Even at first glance, you can see how different these threads are. The thread is guided through the stitch channel and sharp edges can lead to injuries. That is why our threads are so beautifully “round”.


Not all banana piercings are the same. Almost all piercings where bananas are used are surface piercings that can naturally grow out. The decisive factor in this process is how disturbing our body finds the jewellery. We only bend our jewellery as much as we have to and stay even with everything. No piercing canal in the world can be pierced “around the corner”: so it is logical that angled bananas stress the piercing canal and this in turn accelerates the growing out process.

Back to business

Especially with a demanding material like titanium, the local knowledge and experience from medical technology production is a valuable treasure.

In addition to these “technical” reasons, our firm commitment to the German market also plays a major role for us. We also export (and not just a little), thus investing and consciously promoting the location in Germany.

We also invest in research and development, be it in surface finishing (we even have our own patents for this) or the invention of completely new materials, such as Healium.

Consistent and high quality is far too important to us, especially because we also produce a lot of jewellery for initial use, and this should not harm or cause problems for any consumer. So it goes without saying that we have been working with reliable and tested partners for years. Of course, it is not enough to keep an eye on quality only in purchasing, but also in production – which is therefore certified according to German industry standards ISO 9001 :2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2007 and is constantly checked and monitored. If you want to sum it all up in a simple formula, it would be that consistency and experience are more important than the “optimisation” of purchasing and production for every cent – greed and profit are sometimes only “cool” for a very short time. We prefer to rely on Made in Germany – for satisfied customers and maximum product safety in our industry!