Our Quality


We are always going on about how important quality is. So we decided to simplyshow you. So we bought some cheap jewellery from the internet and took somepictures. See for yourself! 8d-44-ad-quality-stone-steine-eu_fd721d0e STONE SETTING Okay, here we took a really close look. You can see our stoneis way more shiny, and also that its fastened differently inits setting. Because we’d like to avoid filth and dirt gettingstuck in there and we’d like the stone to shine brightly for along time. If for example water could get between the stoneand its setting when showering, it would get stained prettyquickly. 15-31-97-quality-gewinde-eu_0af9cf41 SCREW THREAD Already at first glance you can see the differences betweenthe threads. The thread has to be pushed through the piercing,sharp edges could cause damage. That’s why our threads areso nicely “rounded”. 33-6a-fd-quality-oberflaeche-eu_48d25e8e SURFACE Here you can see the result of our patented polishing process.Titanium can really look beautifully silverish. At the same time it’snot just appearance that‘s important to us, the smoother the surface,the “happier” the piercing. During healing there‘s nothing to scratchor irritate the piercing and nasty little microbes have nowhere tohide – that‘s what makes piercings “happy”. 83-22-5d-krumm-header-schmal-eu_87ab51fc CURVE Almost all piercings where bananas are used are surface piercings,which can naturally grow out. Crucial in this proces is, how disturbingthe jewellery is to the body. We only bend our jewellery justas much as it should be and above all uniformly. No piercing in theworld can be done with a corner in, so it makes sense jewellery witha corner will always cause stress, and stress causes the piercing togrow out.


we digress: Wildcat produces a huge part of its ownjewellery in Germany, in fact from all sections of ourrange and not just assembled in Germany.Even the raw material is bought with material &manufacturer’s certificate in Germany. This might bemore expensive than chasing the best price aroundthe world, but even so the raw material market is fullof come & go of companies some no doubt up tomonkey business, driven by quick profits.Recently we received some jewellery from one ofour customer studios, which caused some massiveproblems for one of their clients. The first relief:not jewellery from us. After this first impression wedid some proper testing and the result was like wethought, the jewellery declared as titanium didn’tcome even close to what it should be. Not pretty.The steady and high quality of our products is incrediblyprecious to us, because we’re producing a lot of jewellery for initial use during piercing and wedon’t want it to cause any trouble for our customers.How we prefer to work is doing business withdependable and certified partners for year after year. Naturally it isn’t enough to keep an eye on the quality,but also keep an eye on the production –which is certificated to the international industrystandards ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 +AC :2007 and we’re continuously inspecting ourjewellery to make sure our standards don’t slip.If you now want to bring all this to a clear and shortformula, then it’s this, that consistency and knowhoware more important than the “optimising” ofthe purchasing and production at any price – pennypinching to maximise profit only works in the shortterm.We always try to focus on Made in Germany – forsatisfied customers and the maximum possibleproduct safety for our customers and yours! 6a-87-99-quality-gewinde-verschluss_f82853f7 97-ce-64-quality-titan2_fc050256 2e-60-06-quality-titan2a_a8e9b528 ef-65-71-production1_24a98f12 PRODUCTION Since 1998 we’ve been producing our owntitanium products in Germany. Specifically insouth Germany where 30 employees are hardat work producing not only titanium, but steeland synthetic jewellery too. 69-14-f6-production3_c93d7f63 With a challenging material like titanium theknowledge we have at this production centreand the technology from producing medicalproducts is a valuable resource. Besides these “technical” reasons, we’re proud to source as much of our product from Germany as we can and we believe people prefer to buy jewellery produced in the EU. d8-b5-24-production2_034e660f We also want to encourage exports ratherthan just buying our jewellery in from the cheapestsupplier. Furthermore we’re investingin research and development, in the areas ofsurface refinement (we’ve got some patents)and engineering of new materials, like forexample Healium.