What's New?
A Lot, Of course!

You can hardly wait for this brand-new piece of jewellery noone else besides you seems to have yet? That’s totally understandable! You want novelties – and we regularly offer you new piercing jewellery, new accessories, and fashion which cater to your craving. Especially in the area of piercing, there are a lot of new ideas and concepts finding their way to this relatively young market. And that’s exactly what the Wildcat product managers are looking for! Apart from scouting new trends, there’s one thing that really matters to us: our own creations!

The first models are home-made and often hand-made with love by our talented and ambitious product designers, just as our popular ear pendants, for example: they, too, started as a hand-forged unique piece in our little workshop.

If there’s anything you miss in our shop though, let us know via Facebook and email – new ideas and inspirations are always exciting and a challenge for us! Enjoy browsing our shop!