Our Mantra: Quality does Matter.

Made in Germany We have always talked about quality, and we also put our trust in products Made in Germany! The best choice for piercing jewellery is titanium. This top-quality material provides the best possible tolerability and has the best values regarding surface texture and processing!
Since 1997, Wildcat has used a titanium alloy with the designation Ti6AL 4V Eli (grade 23 titanium) for all titanium jewellery articles because this quality is an internationally recognised standard for implantation purposes. Heart valves, pacemakers, and prostheses are made of grade 23 titanium and have been implanted into millions of people. Its biocompatibility is internationally recognised. Right now, this is the highest possible qualification for a material. Constant and high quality is of great importance to us, especially because we also produce jewellery for first use that shouldn’t be harmful or problematic for the customer. So, it’s needless to say that our purchase and production departments have collaborated with reliable and certified partners for years.
When it comes to our patented polishing process, it’s not only the appearance that matters to us: the smoother the surface, the „happier“ the piercing. During the healing process, nothing chafes or scrapes, and the evil little microbes have no chance to hide somewhere. Since 1998, we even have our own titanium jewellery production in Germany. Especially with a challenging material such as titanium, the local knowledge and the experience from productions in medical technology is a valuable asset. All of our jewelleries from „The Collection“ (also Titan Highline®, Titan Blackline®, and Titan Zirconline®) consist of titanium Ti6AL 4V Eli – for satisfied customers and a maximum product safety in our trade! But we do not just produce in Germany – many of our collections are also developed and designed right here, in-house! „Here“ means in Gronau where our head office and the entire logistics are located. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of our quality and have a long close look at our huge selection.
100% NATURAL – 100% PERFECT! EARGANIC® is the fruit of a long term development and delivers a perfect product with a beautiful finish, high gloss and unique designs. EARGANIC® is available in four premium materials: Sono Wood, Olive Wood, Black Buffalo Horn and Crocodile Wood. All materials come from controlled sources and each plug is hand-crafted just for you.
Mysterious jewellery collection of a special kind! Cool stainless steel jewellery accompanies you on a journey of hidden myths, dream worlds and spiritual spheres. Dive into the mystical secret cosmos of the magical world of souls. With this jewellery you set a clear statement and draw magical glances at you! Hypnotise them all and put them under your spell! Pure surgical steel guarantees you that your jewellery will remain beautifully shaded. They won’t tarnish and their black colour won’t wear out due to PVD coating.
X-Change is the perfect ear jewellery for anyone who likes to wear something new every day! With this jewellery you can create you own tunnels – you can easily combine different colours, shapes and motifs – everything can be perfectly in tune with your mood. The individual components are made from high quality surgical steel (316L Steel). They are available in modest silver, timeless black, classy gold and trendy rose-gold. Become your very own jewellery designer with our tunnel concept!