About us


„YOU CAN‘T!“ That’s exactly what they have told us at that time and thought it was foolish to start our own business in piercing jewellery. With such a business you can’t feed a young family, as we were back then. We didn’t care, we believed in it and we did it! Today a lot of other people live from it. Starting in our company to countless piercing and tattoo studios and their employees. On the quiet a very successful economic sector has developed. Well done! And by that we don’t mean the commercial success, but the fact that more and more people aren’t looking for happiness only, but also make themselves more individual – and more colourful. WILDCAT FACTS The Beginning John Donoghue established Wildcat England in 1986. Driven by the idea, that people could express their special character with unique body jewellery and inspired by the life of wildcats, which are strong and independent. John embodied an attitude to life, wh ich seemed to be exotic at the time. He invented familiar jewellery like e.g. the Flesh Tunnel, Smooth Segment Ring and Microbells. Items which nowadays wouldn‘t be possible to leave out of our range. Even the piercing scene as well, during his time this subject became massively more popular, so that today many people enjoy it. Surely partly due to the success of Wildcat. NOWADAYS Since 1986 a lot happened. Wildcat became supported from Germany by Ida & Martin Siedler. Without any doubt another milestone. Because what, in 1996, began in Essen with 5 employees, grew beyond all expectations today. Wildcat employs more than 120 people in the headquarters in Gronau, the service teams in Gronau, Lingen and the UK, the logistic in Lingen, the production in South Germany and our 6 stores. The range of products has expanded to more than 36,000 articles and these nearly worldwide: we currently distribute to 60 countries. ALWAYS One thing that‘s never changed and never will be changed: the pursuit of excellence. From the beginning Wildcat stands for high quality. That‘s not always easy. Special, patented techniques and our own production helped for example by the break through with titanium jewellery. Sometimes it needs complete new inventions like for example Healium, to let a vision become reality. The results speak for themselves. All kinds of products, which have turned Wildcat into an „AII-around-outfitter“ for individualists.