I am Ink – 2nd Generation 3 Silver

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Classic BnG is created with a series of dilutions starting from its parent black. Highligtening with white already no longer corresponds to classic BnG.

Modern tattoo artists even go one step further and show what effects are already possible today. By adding a few drops of white to the black colour, one achieves different results with a perceived depth of colour or opacity - the tattoos appear more plastic.

The problem: Starting from a Greywash, where the lightest gradation is glazed, in a Silverwash the lightest tone must carry the largest proportion of white. If the tattoo artist mixes his Silverwash himself, the likelihood of an unsatisfactory, patchily healed tattoo is relatively high.

The Second Generation Silverwashes from I AM INK offer you a prefabricated adaptation of their Greywash gradations as Silverwash. Machine-stirred, the black/white blends achieve the best and most homogeneous blends, which are very easy to work with and deliver optimal results.

The Silverwashes are available in three gradations:

  • Silver 1: The lightest Silver Tone corresponds to the Sumi 1 of the gradation.
  • Silver 2: The medium Silver Tone corresponds to Sumi 2 of the gradation.
  • Silver 3: The darkest Silver Tone corresponds to Sumi 3 of the gradation.

To be used within 250 days after opening.

Contents: 50 ml





50 ml

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