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Tattoomed Protection Patch

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TattooMed® black patch – ProSeries (2 pcs. / 10 x 20cm)

Protect your fresh tattoo with the first Protection Patch that gives you UV protection. Our patented Protection Patch Black stops 96% of all UV rays. It protects and maintains your fresh tattoo optimally.

The all-round protection for your fresh tattoo.

So that your skin and your artwork are optimally protected from the sun. Colour particles freshly introduced into the skin are not yet protected from UV rays by the natural skin barrier. As an innovative company we have therefore developed the TattooMed® Protection Patch Black. It is the first tattoo wound protection plaster with integrated UV protection. In addition to an optimal wound climate, it offers you a high level of protection against UV rays and other environmental influences before they come into contact with your wound. Our Protection Patch Black protects your fresh artwork and helps your skin to regenerate optimally.


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